My Updated Goals For 2020 (Because Who Could’ve Predicted What This Year Would Bring)

Hi everyone! Hello and welcome back to my blog 🙂 It’s been a while since we’ve last talked. I believe I took a month or two off since my last post but it was something that I needed. There has just been so much going on in the world, as we all know, and I just needed a moment to myself to think, reflect, and digest it all. In that time, a good amount of things have changed too. I’ll be updating you guys about it all as we go along. I thought today I would share with you my updated goals for the rest of 2020, because you know what, most of the goals I made at the beginning of the year have pretty much gone out the window. None of us could’ve predicted what this year would have brought us. We all had grand plans at the beginning of the year; we were just so bright eyed and innocent back then. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t still make the most of this time (mostly) at home. Here are my updated goals for the remaining 6 months:

  1. Eat normal and allow my body to find it’s set point. I hesitate to say this but I think I’m coming to the realization that I have an eating disorder. I’ll get into this more in a later post when I feel more comfortable to open up. But basically the more I’m reading on the subject and looking at my own eating patterns and thoughts towards food ever since I was 12, I realize there’s definitely a problem there. I have basically never not been on a diet for more than 2 weeks (not until this month since I am now trying to heal). I really am eager to share with you guys all about my journey with healing my body and the issues that I’ve had with eating for the past 11 years. It’s just a sensitive topic since I am currently in the midst of it. I worry that if someone were to make a negative comment about my journey towards healing, that it may hurt me enough to want to relapse. And I of course don’t wamt that. I also don’t want to put information out there on something I’m just starting to learn. So in due time, we will talk about it all. My goal is to continue to listen to my body, eat healthy and nutrious food but still allow for sweets and snacks when I’m craving them. I basically don’t want to go on a diet or starve myself. I want my body to be able to settle where it needs to without me getting in the way of that.
  2. Continue to grow my small shop. During my time away from my blog, I’m excited to say that I started my own business selling handmade goods! Right now I have fulfilled a couple orders of baby booties and hats. It’s just what people have been interested in so far. I can knit anything that people want though. My Instagram business page is @PeachyCreamPaula in case you’re interested in seeing for yourself. I do always appreciate a like and follow so feel free to do that if you do in fact like what you see. Along with knitted goods, I also make macrame baby teethers and have plans to make more macrame things. I also love drawing so I plan on eventually selling some of those too. I have just always had a love for arts and for making beautiful things with my hands ever since I was young. I thought it was time to finally start my own shop and I’m very excited to see where it goes.
  3. Save Money! It’s so funny because out of no where, I suddenly want to save all the money! I don’t know if it’s just an age thing and I’m maturing (I’ll be 24 this december) but out of no where there has just been a shift in me in which I refuse to spend more money than I have too. I think it has just been that I’ve realized that I’ve wasted money buying things from a certain brand or store that I honestly could’ve gotten a dupe for SO much cheaper. I think that just aggravates me. I think of how that money could’ve been used towards something that actually mattered to me like home renovation projects or a nice vacation. It’s upsetting when you find something for so much cheaper but you already spent your money on the more expensive version. So I am just on a mission to save as much money as possible. That means going to Wal-Mart and the dollar store whenever possible, making eating out only for special occassions (maybe like twice a month), packing my husbands lunches, and renting movies only on rare occassions. This is my first month putting these policies into place so we’ll see at the end of the month just how much we were able to save. I’m so excited for it and I can’t wait to share the results with you all. I’m also switching my makeup to the cheapest ones possible (while still maintaining the look and quality that I want) so I’m eager to share with you the cheaper finds so it can help make your switch even easier too (if that’s something you’re wanting to do).
  4. I do plan on blogging regularly again. It may have to be less times a week since I also have my small shop that I’ll also be working on. I’m thinking for right now I will focus on posting one article a week since that’s a managable goal for me. You can expect to see a new post from me evey Monday morning at 11am EST. I have so many new posts for you guys talking about all the things listed above along with some outfit lookbooks for the fall, what a normal day for me in my restricitve eating recovery looks like, what motivated me to get off the dieting cycle, and so much more. I’m also open to taking recommendations from you guys for anything new you all want to see.
  5. We also plan on possibly moving to a whole new state! That may come as a shocker to some of you since we literally just bought our house less than a year ago (it’ll be a year in December). It honestly was a surprise for us too since we had planned on living here for a while. But some things have come up, I’ll get into it in another post, and we may be moving states in a year’s time. Pretty much my husband and I are not crazy about this city in California that we live in (and also where he grew up). We’re not crazy about the state as a whole and it’s way too texpensive. So this home we moved into was our last hurrah and chance to still make it work. If we have to move (which it looks like we will) we don’t really want to stay here. We are really loving North Carolina based off what we have researched and what our friends who have moved there have said. So my goal for this year is to keep researching it, gathering information, and visiting a few times if it’s safe enough to do so. It will be a challenge trying to visit with the whole pandameic that’s going on. I don’t even know if we’ll really be able to. We’ll wait to see if things calm down and if they don’t then we’ll just have to reevaluate at that time.

I think that wraps up my updated goals for this year. I can’t believe how different some of them are from where I thought I’d be at the start of the year. Like moving? I never would’ve imagined that and yet now my husband and I are willing to move to a state we’ve never been to blindly! But that’s life; it’s ever-changing and always surprising us. I like that though, it’s like a new adventure. But I have to say, it’s the reason why when people ask me: “where do you see yourself in 10 years?”, I honestly have no clue and no real answer to give them! I had no idea that I’d get married at 18 and move from ky home town of Boston to California. I didn’t expect to have my daughter at 20 or to be a homeowner at 23. One thing’s for sure, I like to move fast. I’m impulsive and impatient. It sometimes kicks me in the butt but for the most part it leads me to unexpected adventures, and I love that.

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Yours truly,