How To Grow Your Hair Fast (Grow 1 Inch A Month)

While we’re in quarantine, I’ve been looking for ways that I could better myself and work on some goals right from home. One of those things for me is the health of my hair and length. If you guys have read my previous posts, then you’ll know that I’ve glowed up when it comes to my weight and my skin but the one thing I’ve never really worked on is my hair. I’ve always had trouble with it: I never understood how to style it, what it wants, or how to keep it from frizzing up. So I wanted to take time to learn it and to care for it too. My goals were to transform my locks to be glossy and shiny and to help my hair grow long too. I’d like for it to reach to the middle of my back and to help thicken it up if possible. Last month was my first time sticking to my new hair regime and I’m happy to say that by the end of it, my hair grew a whole inch! That’s fast for me. Of course, it’ll take probably 6 months to a year before I start seeing a dramatic transformation with my hair. But I thought that in the meantime I can share with you all what I’m doing that’s helping my hair grow faster and healthier too.

The first major change I’ve made is extending the time period between my wash days. Before, I’d wash my hair about every 2 days and if I did 3, that was a good week. But now, especially because we’re just staying home, I’ll postpone washing my hair for up to 7 days! That’s the longest I’ve ever gone especially considering that I have an oily scalp. There are some weeks when I have to do it sooner at 5 days simply because we’ll have some really hot days here in California so I not only have oil on my scalp but sweat too. (Sorry if that’s too gross.) So I will wash it a bit sooner. But for the most part, I try to extend it between 5-7 days. I like to use dry shampoo daily to help my hair not lay flat from all the oils. Usually for the last days before I wash, I have to style my hair differently in braids or even wear a hat because that’s the only thing that will look good at that point.

The next major change I’ve made is to soak my hair in oil the night before I wash it. I try to sleep in that oil till the next morning so my hair can soak in as much as possible. Sometimes, though, I’m not in the mood to sleep with it so I’ll just leave it in my hair during the day for a few hours and then wash it before I go to bed. I soak my hair in a mixture of castor and coconut oil. I’ll go through my hair in sections, saturating each layer from root to ends until it’s drenched in oil. I also make sure to rub it into my temple areas where our hair is usually thinner. I then massage it all into my scalp for 10 minutes to really get the blood flowing. Then I twist it all together in a bun or I’ll braid it so it can really cover my ends.

When it comes time to wash, I’ve just been using my conventional shampoo and conditioner. But I recently bought some natural ones that I’m sure will encourage hair growth even more. So we’ll see how that goes. I’ll just wash it as I normally would (in fact I do it twice), the difference though is that I’ll rinse it in vinegar and cold water. The apple cider vinegar helps to strip any build up from your scalp that could otherwise clog your hair follicles (which after a week without washing and the oil soak, there surely is buildup). When your scalp is unclogged, your hair is able to grow to its full potential since nothing is blocking it. The apple cider vinegar acts similar to hair cleansing washes that you’ll find on amazon but it’s all natural and cheap. I then go on to rinse my hair in cold water since that helps to seal your hair cuticle shut and gives your hair a glossy look.

When it comes to styling, I only use heat on my hair once a week and try to not use it at all if my hair is looking good on it’s own. (But I typically do end up using it at least once during the week.) I try not to brush until I need to since it takes away my curls and straightens my hair (for me it sometimes can add frizz too so I try to avoid it).

Sticking to this regime has helped my hair to grow a good amount this passed month. I really look forward to seeing the growth and shine that will hopefully come 6 months from now and then even a year. My next step is to get regular trimmings of any split ends that may come up. Now that things are starting to open up again, I’ll probably go for one soon. I hope this guide is able to help you guys with your own hair goals. I’ll update you guys months from now with my progress and in the meantime, if you have any questions please leave them down below and I’ll be sure to answer.

Till next time,


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