To Home-school Or Not To Home-school

My daughter is now 3.5 years old so I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what her education will look like. To some, that may sound premature but believe me, there is a lot to think about and the years just pass by so quickly. She’s of age now that she can start attending preschool so will I have her enroll or keep her home till kindergarten? Will I put her in public school when she’s of age or will I teach her from home? If I put her in public school, which one will I choose? Do I need to sign up early due to there being a waiting list? Or if I home-school her, which program will I choose? Am I even capable of being the one who’s responsible for teaching her? You see, there are so many things to consider! These are things you may not even consider until you are a parent.

Personally for me, I loved going to school! I enjoyed all my school years and didn’t really have a problem getting bullied at all. From my perspective, all us kids mostly got along and we’d have a good time cracking jokes throughout the day. Everyone was generally kind to one another and I just always had a good time at school. I would always look forward to going back during summer vacation. So I don’t have a negative experience from school really at all. That’s what makes me want to put my daughter in public school, so she could hopefully enjoy her experience as I did. So why would I consider the alternative, teaching her from home then?

A Cause For Concern

I don’t have to tell you guys about all the crazy world events that are going on right now. It can be scary and even down right dangerous at times. I don’t want to get into details because this is not an article meant to depress anyone, but read any news headlines and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’d be lying if I said those things don’t worry me and make me hesitate putting my daughter in the public school system. It’s also disheartening to know that my sweet girl can be influenced by negative people by going to school. But of course, I don’t want to keep her in a bubble. My goal is to help her develop a strong enough character and a reasoning mind that she can think for herself and not just follow after what everyone else is doing.

There are some home school programs that allow you to outsource some classes so that your child can actually be around other students and in more of a traditional school setting. They also have field trips for those same reasons. I just don’t know how often that is. I have a home school mom friend who I’ll be talking to about this. But if I was able to have my daughter attend somewhat of normal classes outside the home a few times a week, then that would probably be enough to win me over into choosing that route. In that way, you’d have the best of both worlds; the flexibility of homeschooling along with the social aspect of public school.

My concern with home-school is that it will only be me and my daughter at home alone and she’ll be in front of the computer screen all day long. That’s no way to live; at least that’s not what I want for us. I believe that my daughter needs to be around people of her age too; it’s such a different dynamic than just being around adults all day. I also feel that she needs to see those other kids in person and not just through a computer screen; it’s just not the same. If I am somehow able to still get a good amount of that social activity for my daughter while homeschooling, then I will have no problem going down that path. But if not, then I’m sorry, I’ll have to put her in public. And I say sorry because the majority of my friends are either homeschooling or they plan on it. I would love to do the same but not at the expense of my daughter being able to socialize with other kids multiple times a week (and not just once a month).

Now what are my concerns regarding public school? I worry, like I said, about any negative influence that may impact my daughter, any rude teachers that will talk down to her (I’ve had my fair share of that), and just if there are things taught that I personally don’t agree with. Often times, teachers I’ve had would try to push their political views or their opinions on us as students and a lot of time we’d take it as fact. We trusted that our teacher knew more than us. I don’t want teachers pushing their beliefs on my daughter; I rather they just taught the facts. I know of course she’ll be exposed to different ideas in life, I don’t oppose that. I do however have a problem when opinions are taught as if they’re actual fact. Children are just too young to decipher between what is true and what is someone’s own feelings on a matter.

In Conclusion

There is just so much to think about and like I said I’m still trying to take everything into consideration. After I talk to my homeschooling friend, I’ll have more information to help weigh out my decision but in the mean time it’s still up in the air. What do you guys think? Have you ever tried homeschooling? I’d really love to hear you’re input on this. I could really use your help. Overall I just want my daughter to be safe but still have a good time getting learning. I do have some time to think about it but like I said, these years go by quick so please share you’re thoughts on the matter. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you in advancešŸ˜Š,


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