Get The Look- Everyday Fall Makeup Routine (With Pictures)

I often get compliments on my makeup and people will ask what specific products I’m using. So I thought I’d write it all down in one post for you all to reference to. These will be all the products I used to get the look above. It’s more of a fall look with a little glam in it. This is a look I like to wear on most days during this season. It’s got pink eye shadow, burgundy lips and sparkle on the eyes. But I still feel that it’s not too over the top so it’s a look I feel comfortable wearing everyday. All the products I’ll be naming are affordable ones you can find at Target, Amazon, and Walmart. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer (clear)

First I should mention that before anything else, I first use witch hazel to freshen up my face in the morning, then I put on some SPF, and then finally I put on this primer. It has a silicone-like texture to it. I spread it evenly all over my face, neck, and eyelids. I really see a difference with my makeup lasting all day. I’ve tried wearing different primers and I’ve also tried wearing no primer at all. Both times, my makeup didn’t last and it would wear off in patches. It looked really bad, blotchy, and like I had bad skin when in reality it was all because of a bad primer. So primer is a must! It makes a huge difference and the kind you wear matters too. Some are just bad quality and won’t work at all.

2. Milani Conceal & Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer (#02 Natural)

I really really love this foundation. I’ve seen so many post about it on Pinterest and I can see why. It feels really lite, like you have nothing on your face but it also has really good coverage. It’s just a medium coverage so if you have lumps and bumps on your face, it most likely will still be visible. But if you have redness like me, it’ll definitely be covered with just a thin layer.

3. NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Contour Concealer (Vanilla)

This is my favorite contouring concealer. It has such high coverage and really brightens up your face. It makes such a difference and really does help to contour your face all on its own, even without bronzer. For reference, I use the color “Vanilla”. I do the basic contouring method of putting it down my nose, on my forehead, a triangle under my eyelids, on my chin, and underneath my cheekbones. Then you just blend with a damp sponge (it gives a more flawless finish that way).You want to dab to blend and not smear or pull. It’ll thin out your coverage (if you do smear) and will just show your skins flaws underneath. Whereas with dabbing, you’re able to build on your coverage so you can apply just how much you need.

4. Rimmel London Natural Bronzer (#027 Sundance)

This bronzer gives sort of a thin coverage (I am trying to find a better one) so I just have to layer it on until I get the desired color I want. I just want it noticeable enough so that it actually is contouring my face and not so light that it becomes the same color as my foundation. I apply this bronzer on the top of my forehead and blend into my hair line, beneath my cheekbones, along my jaw and blend down my neck, and then down the sides of my nose for a more narrow look. It will have harsh lines at first along with the blush, but once you put the finishing powder, it’ll help to blend everything out.

5. Milani Baked Powder Blush (#01 Dolce Pink)

Next I apply this blush to my cheeks and I blend it with the bronzer beneath my cheekbones. That’s pretty much it. I, again, dab it on (instead of smearing) for greater coverage. I dab enough until I get my desired color and until it’s all blended with my bronzer.

6. NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder

My next step is this finishing powder. It literally is the best! It helps blend all the bronzer and blush together, it softens your whole look, and takes away all the shine. It lasts me all day! It’s not until late in the afternoon when I’ll need to reapply more. I’ve used cheaper, lower-quality ones, but they all just wear off really soon, in about a few hours after I first applied it. So I’ve learned that the quality of the product really does make a difference. You can’t expect quality results from really cheap products. NYX (my favorite brand of makeup) is very affordable and is actually sold at Target and Walmart now. Just as a tip, Amazon tends to sell most of the NYX products for about half as much as the stores charge. I don’t know why, they just do. So if you’d like to save yourself some money, try ordering your makeup from Amazon.

7. Living Coral Palette By: UCanBeMakeup (From Amazon)

Next I go on to eye shadow, probably my favorite part! For this look, I first use the light pink all the way on the bottom left row (called “Wake”) and put that one all over my lid. Then I put the scarlet that’s right next to it (“Youth”) on the base of my lid. I pat it on till I have full coverage all over my eyelid. Then I move onto the deep wine color all the way on the top right (“Dessert Island”) and work that into my crease. I keep it just in my crease and blend it in so there’s no harsh lines. You just reapply if you want a darker color. I would suggest starting off light though since it’s always easier to apply more if necessary. It can get messy if you need to remove it though. I then just apply a bit of the white sparkle on the far top left (“Lifted”) to the inner corners of my eyes for a little pop. And if you have any fall-out from any of the colors, you can just use your finishing powder brush to swipe away any eye shadow that has fallen on your cheeks.

8. Wet n’ Wild Coloricon Kohl Eyeliner (Brown)

Next, I use this eyeliner pencil to line my eyes. I just do a straight line on the sides of my eyes and that’s it. I don’t line the top of my eyes since I feel that it makes them look smaller. I just feel that it flatters my eyes best when I do it this way. But feel free to play around with it until you find what works best for your eye shape. For example, I cannot do a winged liner look. It just does not look good on me no matter how I do it. So although my method isn’t one you see often, it is one that looks best on me. So don’t try and force a look that doesn’t work with your eyes. You may just have to try something different.

9. L’Oreal Voluminous Primer (White)

10. L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara (Blackest Black)

Next are my all-time favorite products, the ones that make the most dramatic difference, this mascara primer and mascara. The primer is so amazing and makes all the difference! I get so many people who compliment me on my eyelashes. They ask if they’re fake and they’re surprised when they learn that they’re not. The primer elongates, separates, and thickens your lashes (just while you’re wearing it of course). You should let it dry for a bit just so it can harden and your lashes can keep that long, thick look. So while I let it dry, I move onto my eyebrows and when I’m done with that, I go back to my eyelashes and apply the black mascara. It’s pretty straight forward when it comes to the mascara. I just sway it back and forth as I work it through my lashes so it can cover them from every angle. I extend it through my lashes on the sides to give a more open look. I also do my bottom lashes. I know some people don’t but I just like the look better that way. I feel that it gives it a more balanced look.

11. E.L.F Instant Lift Brow Pencil (Neutral Brown)

When it comes to my eyebrows, I first brush them through to see what I’m working with. Then I lightly line along the bottom of my eyebrow and the top. I then blend that in with an angled eyebrow brush. I blend it all in until the line I drew is no longer visible. For any sparse areas that need more filling, I just lightly draw it in again and if it looks like harsh, I’ll just lightly blend it again with the angled brush. I might brush through my brows again with the spoolie in case they got bunched up again and I want a cleaner look.

12. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (Vintage)

I then move onto my lips. I first always apply lip balm since I feel that it gives your lips a fuller, softer, and more plump look. Plus the color applies more evenly. After I do that, I apply the lipstick. I first outline my lips with the same lipstick applicator. I then coat my lips thoroughly, usually two coats, to get my desired color.

13. NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

My final step is this finishing spray. I thoroughly cover my face and neck with it to make sure I seal it all in.

I hope you guys found this step by step breakdown of the products I use (and my tips) to be helpful. If you guys like post like this, make sure to let me know by giving it a like or commenting so I know to write more. I hope this was easy enough to follow and if I find any new products I like, I will definitely update you guys.

Till next time,

Paula Moral

Big Announcement: We Bought Our First Home!

I am so excited to finally share the big news with you guys! I’ve had to wait some weeks just until everything was official but I can now finally say…We just bought our first home and I am so so excited. As I’m writing you right now, we’re still in our apartment (unfortunately) but we’re just days away from moving into our home. I never imagined that at 21 years old I’d already be a homeowner! And honestly we weren’t even planning on buying a home this year. It all just sort of happened. Let me explain.

I was never crazy about our current apartment. In fact, when we moved in it was with the idea that we would only stay for one year since it was a last minute emergency. And that’s exactly what we did. Throughout the time we lived here, I would look at other rental listings in the area. They were all far overpriced and were not good looking at all! We live in California, mind you, so everything is a bit more expensive here. I was feeling hopeless and like we would never be able to move into a nicer place. I never thought of buying a home because I just imagined that it’d just be too expensive. So one day I decided to just try looking at how much our monthly payments would be for a mortgage. What I saw was that for just a few hundred more , we could move into some really beautiful places. I just couldn’t believe it! Once I realized how affordable it would be for us, I just couldn’t fathom renting. It just didn’t make sense to me anymore. I thought we were saving so much money by renting when in reality we were just wasting money. The cost for renting was very close (if not the same in some cases) to the cost of having a mortgage. And at least when you’re paying a mortgage, you know that you’re working on paying it off and that you’ll eventually be done. Whereas with renting, you’ll just be endlessly making payments on a place that will never be yours. And with buying a home, if there’s anything you don’t like, you can always change it and eventually make the place your dream home. But with renting, it’s as is, so if you hate the kitchen, the carpet, or anything else, you just have to accept it.

So once we realized the benefits of buying a home and that it was something we could afford right now, we decided to check with our realtor friend to see how much we could qualify for a house, how much we’d need to save for a down payment, and the exact monthly cost that we’d have to pay. She of course gave us the information for a loan lender who would break down all the numbers for us. We found out that we had enough in savings to buy a place right then and there! My husband has always been a really good saver so we already saved enough for a down payment and then some. But from what I read online, I thought we would have to spend 6 months to a year or more of saving to have enough. In my mind, I didn’t think we would be able to buy a place at least for another year. But because we qualified for a really good first time buyer loan, we were able to put down a really low amount. Our realtor friend got right to work and by that weekend, she had us viewing 10 houses!

We put offers on four houses before we finally got the final one we wanted. We’re glad it worked out the way it did because this final house was the one we were actually the most excited about. All the other houses we had put offers on would need work on them. But this final one is move in ready and gorgeous. (I plan on sharing pictures with you guys once we’re actually moved in.) The first home, I really liked the area (it was a safe, quiet, and gated community) but I wasn’t crazy about the carpet, the kitchen tile, or the wall colors. But we were willing to change it ourselves because to us the structure and area were most important since everything else inside can pretty much be changed. It had a really cute backyard that was already landscaped. It was bright inside and had high ceilings. It was really nice. But unfortunately there was one person before us who made an offer and theirs got accepted first.

The second home had a really nice layout too and it was in a really good area. It needed some work too but nothing too extreme. It was probably as much work as the first one. But we were willing to save up to make those changes and then DIY any projects that we could. The problem with this one was that it needed a new roof put in right away, before we could even move in. We were given an estimate of at least $15k. But you have to buy homeowner’s insurance first before the lenders will want to loan you out the money for the house. But no insurance company would want to insure a house that has such a major problem like that. So we would be kind of stuck with that one. We asked the homeowner if they’d be able to fix the roof before we moved in but he said no. So we decided to just end it there. We just had a gut feeling that it was going to be a big mess for us and on top of that, they previously had a termite and bed bug issue. The house had been tented but we still worried if maybe there were some lurking. I know its not likely but it was just something that was on the back of my mind. So we ended that one right there.

The third home, we only had our offer on it for a day. I basically didn’t know that once you make an offer on the home and its accepted, that you are now in contract with the homeowner. You could still pull out but you would lose your down payment which is thousands of dollars. So after we had our offer in for about a day and I learned that we would be in contract, I told my husband that I felt we should take our offer out before it even got accepted. Fortunately, it hadn’t yet gotten accepted so we were able to not lose any money and move on. With this third house, I wasn’t really crazy about it at all. I didn’t like the layout, it was a nice block but right around the corner was a gas station that is notorious for its crime. It had an industrial building in the backyard so that would’ve been our view, and it still needed a whole kitchen remodel. But I was OK with making an offer because in my mind I thought that meant that it would be just the same as holding a spot for you and that you could back out at anytime. Once i realized that wasn’t the case, I quickly told my husband that we should back out of it. And I’m so happy we did! The seller was hesitant to accept our offer too which I felt weird about. I never wanted it to be forced on either of our sides. So if she wasn’t feeling it for some reason, then I just rather she didn’t sell to us.

And now finally our fourth home, the actual one that we’ll be closing on. It’s the one we wanted right from the start but the only thing that held us back was the high HOA payment (Home Owner’s Association). Every HOA will cover different things. For most of them in our area, they just handle the yard work so that’s what we assumed this one would cover too. My husband really wanted this place though so he called back weeks later to ask for specifics on what would be included in this HOA. To our surprise, we found out that it would cover our water bill, it would take care of the outside of our home (like the roof), it covers the yard maintenance, and more. So basically it included bills that we would already need to pay, it wasn’t really adding more. Once we found that out, we realized that we really could afford it. It would be equal in payments to the previous homes that we had put offers on but this one is all ready to go with a newly done kitchen, walk-in closets, and remote controlled windows, plus its on the water so it has beautiful views.

Once we realized we could afford this fourth home that we really loved, we put an offer and had it accepted in about a day. We then had it inspected and the inspector said it was perfect and spotless. He couldn’t find anything wrong in the foundation, no cracks, nothing. That was such a relief to us because I’ve learned that a home can look beautiful on the outside but have so many problems within and I worried that would be the case with this one too. We had the appraiser come out and he said it was worth more than we had to pay so that was nice to here. All we’re working on now are the closing docs. We should be moved in in less than 10 days now (that’s the estimate we were given). Once we do, I will definitely be sharing pictures with you guys. I can’t wait to get it all together and share the final results. I think I’ll do an empty house tour first and then a fully furnished one.

I just honestly cannot believe that we’re buying our first home and right now too! Like I said, that wasn’t our plan for this year at all. I didn’t think we even had enough in savings for a house right now. But to my surprise we had more than enough. I am just so grateful to be in the position that I am. I see it as a blessing and I am just so appreciative for it all. I’m grateful for my hard working husband and for his money saving skills too.

I hope you enjoyed me sharing more of my personal life with you guys. It’s something I’m trying to do more of. I hope this article was informative for you all as well. Maybe you’re in the home buying process, or about to be, so I hoped this helped you understand the steps a little bit more. If you guys liked this article please give it a like down below and follow if you’d like to see more from me. Thank you for your support as always.

Till next time,

Paula Moral

Favorite Nail Polishes Of November 2019 (With Pictures)

If you’ve read my post on how to look good from head to toe, then you know that painting my nails is something I do often! I just love to have a fresh coat of polish on my nails. It ties your whole look together and makes you look sharp. So I thought I’d share with you guys some of my favorites that I’ve been keeping in my rotation. Every time I paint my nails, it’s always with one of these colors or sometimes I mix and match them. I feel like these colors are so bright and happy but still go with all the clothes in my wardrobe. Just for reference, I have an autumn skin tone. I have warm, yellow undertones and I look best in olive greens, burgundy, mustard yellow, peach orange, light pink, brown, gold, and the like. So these nail polishes will suit you best if you have a similar skin tone. But I’m sure that even if you don’t match my exact tone that you can probably still find some here that will work with you. So with that being said, let’s get right into it.

1. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #652 “Leaf Lined Trail” (peach)

This peach color is just so so pretty to me. It’ actually been a favorite of mine lately. It has gold in it too which gives it a nice shimmer. It’s a color that would go especially well in the summer or fall time. There’s not much more I can say about it. It’s just a really happy color that I feel can coordinate well with so many outfits.

2. Sally Hansen Color Therapy #300 “Soak At Sunset” (shimmering coral)

This is another favorite of mine. It’s a neutral coral with gold shimmer. It’s a toned down orange so it can work with many other colors and pieces in your wardrobe. I love the orange tone for summer. It’s such a pretty and soft color. I love it so much that I’m already on to my second bottle!

3. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #273 “Pink Blink” (bubblegum pink)

I call this one a bubble gum pink because it reminds me of exactly that. I think every girl needs a signature go-to pink polish and this is the one for me. It’s a true pink so it’s not going to be one of those that are so light they look white. It’s just pretty and classic and I love it.

4. Essie #216 “Splash of Grenadine” (orchid)

This next color just makes me so happy and I don’t know why. I was first inspired when I saw my mother-in-law wear this exact color and I just thought “I really like that!” And ever since then, it’s been my favorite polish (at least for the moment). I especially love to wear it when I have on leopard print. I don’t know what it is, it just pairs so well together. You should definitely give this one a try.

5. Jordana #675 “Pink Hearts” (sparkle with hearts)

This polish makes my heart so happy too! That may sound weird to you guys, but really, it’s the little things that get me excited. These little pink hearts just remind me so much of middle school for some reason. It’s very nostalgic for me. I layer this on top of any color I’m wearing. It’s just a light sparkle with a pink heart here and there. It’s very subtle but very cute.

6. Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine #C473B “Blazed” (coral)

This is another coral color but unlike the more neutral one above, this one is more bright, bold, and orange. I love both of them but sometimes you may want a more subtle look and sometimes a bold one. This is definitely the bolder option. It’s nothing too crazy, but it is noticeably brighter. I love it though. It’s such a happy color to me.

7. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat (quick dry)

And last, but certaintly not least, is this quick-dry top coat. It has now been a staple in my nail collection. There is nothing worse then spending so much time painting your nails just to have them get messed up because you bumped into something and they weren’t fully dry. It’s so annoying! Especially now that I’m a mom, I don’t have 2 hours to wait till my nails are dry before I can start using my hands. But with this top coat, they dry almost instantly. You do have to be careful at first of course, but if you bump into something, they wont automatically be ruined. I feel what helps the most is if you do a thin layer with each polish you use. Then your nails will dry so much quicker.

So what do you guys think? Did you like these new polishes? Please let me know in the comments below some of the ones you’re loving right now, hopefully some that are more compatible with winter. I also have been wanting to try a neon green. It just seems like such a beautiful and vibrant color and one that (again) would go well with my leopard print😂. I can’t wait to share with you guys all the new colors I find this season. It’s fun. If you guys like posts like this one, please make sure to give a like so I can write more. Thank you.

Till next time,

Paula Moral