Cupshe High Waisted Bikini Review: My Experience

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hearing a lot about Cupshe swimsuits for a while now. Whether it be on Pinterest or Youtube, I tend to see Cupshe ads a lot. After watching one of my favorite Youtubers rave about their swimsuits, I thought I’d give them a try.

The first thing I noticed when I looked at their website was just how cute their swimsuits are. I personally think that they’re very unique and not something you’d see shopping at regular stores. They have a lot of styles to choose from. For me, I chose a highwaisted bikini. I did highwaisted just because I think it looks more flattering. Highwaisted anything tends to highlight a womens curves so that they’re more noticeable. It compliments your curves 😊 It also can hide any parts that maybe you’re a bit self conscious about like a lower belly pooch or lower back fat.

Buying this swimsuit was so important to me because I have never bought a swimsuit that was just my style and that I felt cute and attractive in. All my life I pretty much always wore a shirt and shorts when going in the water because I was too self conscious. Then just recently I finally wore a one piece and with no cover up. The only thing was, it wasn’t my style so I didn’t feel 100% confident. But it was much better than my shirt and shorts days. So I very much wanted to buy a swimsuit that flattered my body and made me feel my best. And I’m so glad I bought this one.

It was only $30.99 which I didn’t think was bad at all. At a recent store I went to, they wanted to charge $30 EACH for a bikini top and bottom. I do not want to spend $60 on a swimsuit. So I was happy with the price.

The swimsuit ended up taking about 10 days to get to me. When it came, it was folded into the little bag that you see in the first picture. It was very cute. The coloring was exactly what I thought: peach top with black and white striped bottoms. The bra is actually padded which is an added bonus. I didn’t know it came like that. So at least I don’t have to worry about anything being seen through. Overall, I felt that it was good quality and nicely made. The only only thing I’d say about it is I think they made a mistake with just one of the stiches. It looks like maybe they skipped a stitch or something. But I honestly don’t think its something anyone would notice so I’m not too upset about it. Its just one of those things that I’m always going to see and know its out of place but nobody else will.

I really like the fit. I ended up ordering a medium. I couldn’t decide between getting a small or medium but since they were out of stock with the small, I just took a chance and ordered the medium. It ended up fitting perfectly so I’m glad I did. I’m normally a small on top and a medium on the bottom (so a 4/6). Since I’m on the shorter side (5’3) the top ended up being able to stretch and cover my lovehandles which I was really happy about. I’m currently working on them at the gym but I’m not there yet. They’re smaller but still there. So just the fact that I’ll be able to cover them up while I’m still in the process of losing them is reassuring to me.

My takeaway: if I’m ever in need of a swimsuit, I would definitely buy from them again. Their swimsuits are cute, affordable, and very flattering. I’m glad I tried them out (I never buy clothes online) and I can’t wait to buy from them again 😊

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Have you guys ever ordered from Cupshe? If you did, how was your experience? I’d love to hear from you.

Why We Have Less Than 2 Months To Find A Home (Story Time)

It’s crazy how things can change so much overnight. One day you’re going about your normal business and the next you get some pretty life changing news. That’s exactly what happened to us this past Tuesday.

That day started off just like any other. I stayed home with my baby girl (as I always do as a stay at home mom 🙂 ) We went on with our normal routine and by 4pm my husband was home from work. We went out for the evening since we had plans and later returned back home around 8pm. It was then that we got the news.

Attached to our door was a folded paper. I found it very weird by the way that we would get a note at our door at such a late time. It actually creeped me out. But when I opened it, I was shocked! In big bold letters on the header read: SIXTY DAY NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF TENANCY. We were being kicked out of our apartment out of nowhere! I honestly didn’t believe it at first. I thought it must be a mistake or something. We are perfect tenants: quiet, always pay rent on time, take care of our area, friendly to neighbors, and on top of that we’ve never once received any complaints. The letter did not give any reason but simply said that we had to have all our things packed and out of the house by August 18th.  So right away my husband went online to see if this was even legal. Turns out it was. As long as you’re given a 2 month notice, your landlord can kick you out and doesn’t even need to give you a reason why.

Once I realized this was for real, I cried. Just for a moment, but I cried. I was worried how on earth we’d find a place that we loved in two months time! We obviously would be able to find any place to move into but I didn’t want to have to move into a run down, ugly, and depressing house. Especially as a stay at home mom, I’m home for most hours of the day. It’s essentially where I work and live so I just really need the place to be somewhere that I love, where I can feel happy, and hopefully would make our lives easier. I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to find such a place in such short timing.

When I went online to see what was available, they were all exactly what I was dreading! They were all carpet filled, close to no natural lighting, and very outdated designs (like pink bathroom tile… :cringe:) I wanted to cry (again). But the next day I found a gorgeous home that was completely remodeled on the inside. We’re actually currently waiting to hear back on that one. But it gave me hope that there are actually beautiful houses out there in my area and with new ones being added each day, I’m sure we’ll land one soon that we’ll love.

So currently we are still on the house hunt (till August 18th that is). But that is the crazy story of how we are being forced out of our apartment and on such a short notice. I had no idea that it was even legal to kick out a tenant who’s giving you no problems. My husband did end up talking to the landlord about it (just out of curiosity really). She said that they’re actually doing the same thing to many of the tenants because they’re looking to remodel the apartments so they can up the rent. Honestly, I just see it all as a blessing in disguise: we finally get to move into our first home and start a new adventure.

I’ll be sharing with you guys every part of this new journey. I’ll be writing articles on organizing tips and DIY ideas and I’ll definitely be sharing pictures with you too. I hope you’ll stick around for this journey and hopefully share with me any tips and tricks you have too. I’d love to hear them. 🙂

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About Me

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is Paula and I am the creator of “The Ever Blooming”. I thought you might like to get to know me a little bit so I thought I’d start this “About Me” page.

I currently live in CA but I grew up in MA. I ended up here in Cali because I got married and my husband already lived here. I got married young and then had my first and only daughter soon after. I don’t regret that decision though, it’s just one that worked for me and my personality.

I am a very artistic person who also loves math, which I hear is usually an odd combination. I love to read and write so much that I always dreamed of being an author when I was little. I also love animals and was pretty certain for years that I was going to be a vet (until I learned I would have to perform surgery!)

I tend to be very mellow and laid back. Kids in high school would even jokingly say “do you ever get mad?” The answer is yes, yes I do😁 I’m more of a quiet person, but not shy. I love to be around people and listen to them speak, but I just don’t like it when I’m expected to carry most of the conversation.

That’s a little bit about me. I could share a lot more but I just don’t know ifyou’d be interested in hearing all that…lol. But if you guys have anything else you’d like to know, just let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer them. 😊 Hope you enjoyed!

June 2018 Workout Playlist

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing gets me more pumped for a workout than a kick-butt playlist. Music has the power to energize and get me excited for working out. The right playlist can help me go hard during my workout so that’s why finding just the right music is so important. I wanted to share with you guys the songs that I’ve been loving lately so they can hopefully help you guys to get the most of your workout too. So without further ado, here we go:

  1. “Let You Be Right” (Clean)- Meghan Trainor
  2. “Call Out My Name”- The Weeknd
  3. “Alien”- Sabrina Carpenter
  4. “Boom Boom Pow”- The Black Eyed Peas
  5. “IDGAF” (Clean)- Dua Lipa
  6. “Imma Be” (Clean)- The Black Eyed Peas
  7. “BOY’- Charlie Puth
  8. “Back To You”- Selena Gomez
  9. “The Champion”- Carrie Underwood
  10. “Pulses”- Karmin
  11. “I Told You So”- Karmin
  12. “One Kiss”- Dua Lipa
  13. “Personal”- HRVY
  14. “No Tears Left To Cry”- Ariana Grande
  15. “Somethin’ Bad”- Miranda Lambert
  16. “Done For Me”- Charlie Puth

Those are pretty much my top songs for this month. But I tend to quickly tire out of the same songs so make sure to come back next month to see what my new favorite songs for working out are. Please comment below the songs you’re loving at the moment too because I would love to add to my workout playlist to keep things interesting. I hope you enjoyed this article and if you did, please be sure to let me know so I can keep writing them 🙂

Why I Started My Fitness Journey

Ever since I was little, I was a chunky girl. You could look as far back of pictures of me when I was 3 and I was thick. Not huge, but just thicker than average. But gradually throughout the years, that little extra thickness grew and grew until finally I was 12 years old, only 5’2 and 170 pounds. On the BMI chart, I was technically considered obese. That gave me the wake up call I needed.

At that age, I went on a weight loss regimen and ended up losing the weight. For years now, my weight has steadied at 150 pounds. I have tried to lose about 20 pounds more now for years but to no avail. But it was because I never really took it seriously. I wanted to keep my same eating habits and still somehow lose the weight. But that’s just not possible. If you want to lose the weight for good, you need to change your habits for good too. Since my attempt at losing the weight over the past few years didn’t work, I tried to convince myself that I was happy with the way I looked, that I was content, and didn’t even want to lose the weight anyways. But in reality, that was a big fat lie.

I really didn’t feel comfortable. I felt too big and the style of clothes that I wanted to wear just didn’t flatter my current weight. I felt really self conscious and insecure all the time. I would even hide my face with my hair so that it’d somehow look slimmer. But finally on May 2018, I had my breaking point and decided that enough was enough.

I was tired of acting like everything was OK when it wasn’t. I was ready to finally get myself together and lose the weight. I was and still am determined and motivated to lose the weight. I want to finally be confident no matter what I wear. I’m tired of hiding behind clothes. I’m ready to get my life together, be the person I want to be and finally live my life. I want to live a full and exciting life but I can’t do that if I’m constantly scared and hiding behind oversized clothes. It was finally time to reclaim my life. I just wanted to reach this weight loss goal once and for all. I didn’t want to be someone who was never happy with how they look, just constantly feeling miserable.

So for the past month I’ve been putting in the work to reach my goals. I’ve been hitting the gym three times a week and each time I go, I make sure I kill it! I’ve always eaten healthy so this time I just make sure that I’m eating portion controlled. I’m happy to say too that after 5 weeks, I’m seeing great results! I can’t wait to show you guys the complete results when I reach week 12 of my fitness transformation.

I hope this article has helped motivate any of you who may have felt the way I did. As I continue on my fitness journey, I’ll share with you all my results and the things that I’ve learned along the way so that it can hopefully help you all.

How many of you are currently on your own fitness journey? And for those of you that are, what was your reason for starting? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you 🙂