Why “Ever Blooming”? The Reason Behind The Name

“The Ever Blooming”- what comes to your mind when you hear that name? Growth? Beauty? Transformation? Good, because that’s exactly what I’d like for you to picture! I put a lot of thought into this name. I wanted it to encompass everything this blog is about.

When starting this blog I really wanted to help inspire others. This isn’t just about fashion or beauty, it’s about constantly improving ourselves, growing, and becoming better each and every day, just like a flower would.

We never want to become stagnant in life. Everyday is an opportunity to do better and be better so why wouldn’t we want to? We can become stronger, healthier, more confident, and efficient each and every day.  So I’d like to use this platform to share with you all the things that I’ve learned and continue to learn so that we can all be our best.

I hope you’ll follow along on this journey and in the mean time stay blooming 😉


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